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This is a sample post for JOUR 3002 – intro to multimedia storytelling. this is a link to eiu’s web site.

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old man

old man

We’re in SanĀ  Diego for the ACP college media convention.

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Due to a miscommunication with my hosting company, someone took over my name domain! I’m working on it now, and hope to have a new domain available soon. What sucks is that I still have hosting for the next few months, so the material I had posted is still there somewhere, but now I’ll have to remap the domain to the documents. #$%@#!!!

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I’ve updated some of the information on the “About” page for those who decide to Google my name. The “About” page is basically my C.V.

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My personal web site crashed recently. More accurately, the server that was hosting the site crashed, and the site had to be ported to a new server with my hosting company. The resulting confusion caused my content management system to lose its mind, and my domains are cross-wired.

End result: I’m going to be using this weblog for more of my academic presence while I try to figure out what I want to do with the other site, and how to straighten out the domain name mess.

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Ricky Gervais is going to end his popular podcasts. I’ve purchased every one so far, fool that I am. Hilarious, but even I’d admit that the material was beginning to circle back on itself.

And I can’t say that this is a surprise. After all, Gervais killed the original “The Office” after only 12 shows and a couple of specials. He seems to have a knack for knowing when to say “when” on a successful comic venture.

via Lost Remote and Buzzmachine

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New photos up at Flickr   3 comments

Archway at E&H

I’ve posted a couple of photos from Emory & Henry that I took on the day before classes began. Check out the Flickr photos at the lower right side of the page.

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