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Part of the reason I began this blog is for items like this. This isn't really something I'd post at Reinventing College Media, but it's somewhat related, and delves into the issues of Citizen Journalism and participatory media.

 Doug Fisher comments on Orato, a new web site that intrigued me because, apparently, there is eventually going to be a "pay-for-play" system for writers to post their content.

 When I checked the site out, I was even more skeptical. Look at the hyperbole on the front page:

It's the only news site in the world dedicated to First Person, citizen-authored journalism.  

 Apparently, Orato editor Paul Sullivan has never heard of OhMyNews, which has been dedicated to first-person, citizen-authored journalism in South Korea since 2000.


Posted June 26, 2006 by Bryan Murley in New Media, Uncategorized

One response to “Orato: hyperbole on the cit-j front

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  1. Hi Bryan. Re: your comments on Orato. I guess it’s up to me to clarify my remarks. Of course we’ve heard of OhMyNews. When I say Orato is the only news site in the world dedicated to First Person, citizen-authored journalism, the modifier is key: First Person. We’re trying to foster a site that’s entirely in the first person — no third person reporting. OhMyNews doesn’t make that distinction. If it sounds like hyperbole, our apologies, but we’re serious about the distinction. There are a number of reasons for encouraging citizen journalists to write in the first person–there is so much good professional journalism in the third person, that we’re trying offer an alternative that stresses immediacy and simplicity. I hope that clarifies our comments.

    Regards, Paul Sullivan
    Editor, Orato

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