The U.S. Health Care Industry is completely !@#%#$   Leave a comment

I’m employed. I have insurance. I think the U.S. system of “insurance”, “flexible spending accounts” and elastic medical/pharmaceutical costs are completely screwed up and in need of serious fixing.

It almost takes a degree in finance to understand the various “options” presented to most of us during the round of benefits form signings we go through when (if) we are hired at a new job with benefits. I’m bewildered. And somehow, deep down, I know that the insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals are all still making loads of money off the average citizen who is just trying to get by and make sure they don’t lose the house if their kid breaks a leg.

I know, it’s cynical. But prove I’m wrong.


Posted August 31, 2006 by Bryan Murley in Misc, Uncategorized

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